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What Should a Carpet Cleaning Service Do For Cleaning a Sewer Back Up Spill

Sometimes you would need to get your carpet cleaned because of the fact that it is has just been a while since you last got it done, but suffice it to say that there will be certain situations that would necessitate a bit of an emergency oriented approach. Perhaps the most pertinent example of this that we can tell you about is when your sewers get backed up and spill their disgusting contents all along your bathroom floor, and if you have a carpet just outside of the bathroom it is fairly likely that this sewage will spill out and get soaked into its fibers as well.

This is a nightmarish scenario that would greatly reduce your comfort levels at home due to the reason that the smell alone would be tough to deal with. It is crucial that you don’t waste even a single second before calling a carpet cleaning service Baytown, since they are the only ones that can stop this spillage from permanently ruining a precious rug that you owned.

Most carpet cleaning jobs require the use of steam cleaning, but usually don’t involve a sewer back up spill so a much more intensive approach would be required here. A carpet cleaning company that you hire should use a combination of enzymatic cleansers that will eat away at the spill and break it apart into more manageable substances. Once these cleaners have dried, steam cleaning can be implemented to scoop them up and the dirt along with them. The company should then spray some diluted fabric softener to create a pleasant fragrance and then steam clean one more time.


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