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What is Better – Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning Carpet?

If you ever enter a room full of carpet cleaners, there is a pretty good chance that you would hear them arguing about a topic that seems to have existed since time immemorial. This topic is which method of carpet cleaning is the very best based on its overall level of efficacy. These debates can get quite tense and emotional, but if we view what is being said through cold facts and logic, the truth of the situation is that a clear winner starts to emerge from the detritus.

Before we tell you who the winner is, we would like to inform you that carpet cleaning near me can be done with steam cleaning or dry cleaning methods. The fact of the matter is that it is the former of these two that is worthy of the gold medal in our book. While dry cleaning can be useful in certain occasions, it only gets rid of the dirt that is right on the surface. This is because of the fact that it uses powdered chemicals which it rubs into the fibers and then vacuums them back up again, whereas steam cleaning penetrates to the very deepest layer of carpet underneath.

Hence, steam cleaning is better because it gives you a deeper cleaning than dry methods can come close to. Dry cleaning can be useful in situations where you can’t wait for your carpet to dry, but if a twenty four hour wait does not seem all that long to you, you might want to go for steam cleaning because it will make your rug seem like it was just purchased a few days ago all in all.


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