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Telltale Signs of a Bad Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges and going through a criminal case can be nerve-racking for anyone. That is why you need a good criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court. These lawyers help you in your criminal cases, and can get your sentence decreased as much as possible. If you are not guilty, they can help drop every charge against you, and you can continue living a normal life once again.

Even though you can find lots of criminal defense lawyers in the market, majority of them are not suitable for your case since every criminal case is different. So, in this article, we will provide you with the telltale signs of a bad criminal defense lawyer. If you find these signs in any lawyer, skip them right away and look for another lawyer.

They Ask You to Plead Guilty Right Away

Pleading guilty right at the start of your case skills the very purpose of hiring a good criminal defense lawyer to defend you. People usually think that pleading guilty in a criminal case can benefit them. While this is true to some extent, the result can be counterproductive as well.

So, never hire a lawyer who asks you to plead guilty before the case even starts. Check out for more details.

They Aren’t Available Most of The Time

No matter how busy your criminal lawyer might be, they must always have enough time to answer your emails and calls.

One of the biggest signs of a bad criminal lawyer is that they do not have enough time for your case. They only show up in court hearings, and you do not hear back from them in weeks.

This type of attitude can ultimately hurt your case, and can delay it as well. So, always look for a lawyer who is available to answer your questions.


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