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HR Department And Its Work Within an Organization

HR departments and HR leaders aren’t usually considered as strategic thinkers and that is why they have to earn the trust of the senior executives before getting a seat at the table with other executives, where corporate planning and strategies are discusses and things are put in motion to execute the plan which is aligned with the company’s long term objectives, it is important to understand and stay in touch with the ever changing corporate dynamics, how companies think, operate and behave now is completely in contrast to how it was just a decade ago, technology plays a huge part in it as well as corporate culture and there is a feeling that HR departments are falling farther behind and losing the race, and that undermines their value in the eyes of the executives, especially the CEO.

As an HR leader one has to perform a number of different administrative duties but in order to be seen as strategic business partners in any organization what they have to do is to do more than just administration and dealing with what is required of them today, rather think and plan for the future and present ideas and bring along new and better working ways and management for the entire workforce, their work is being considered as reactive rather than strategic and only the visionary HR leaders can change that and earn the respect of the CEO.

There are different ways through which HR help can get recognition in the eyes of the executives but none greater than creating their own value through some strategic planning because that is what the executives care about usually and they value it as well.


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