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A Tip For Making Your Weed Last Longer

The world has changed quite a bit over the course of the previous few decades or so, and one of the biggest changes that all of us have ended up noticing in this modern day and age has to do with the fact that weed is a lot more socially acceptable than it used to be. That said, a major problem with weed is that it doesn’t come cheap, so if you’re not filthy rich you might want to make what little weed you do have at your disposal last as long as it possibly can.

Luckily, the reason for your weed not lasting a long time might have more to do with a lack of efficiency in how you are consuming it rather than a fault in the weed itself. According to herbal-spice, a truly great way for you to make your weed last a great deal longer than might have been the case otherwise would be to roll thinner joints. The reason behind this is that when you roll a skinny joint, you would be getting less smoke in your lungs but it would be highly concentrated so you would still get a buzz going.

The biggest contributor to this allowing your weed to last long is that the joint would burn less intensely while you’re not smoking it. You would take a drag and keep the joint down for a bit in order to absorb it, and in those moments you lose a fair bit of your weed to the air. Thin joints prevent this from happening and they allow you to make a single joint last pretty much the entire day as well all in all.


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